Modifying the wheel hub has so many benefits

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May 24,2023

Car modification is a process from uniformization to fashion. When car modification becomes popular, it is like today's fashion on the entire street, where a hundred flowers bloom and compete for excellence, which is what we most want to do in the future.

Modifying the wheel hub has so many benefits

Car modification is a process from uniformization to fashion. When car modification becomes popular, it is like today's fashion on the entire street, where a hundred flowers bloom and compete for excellence, which is what we most want to do in the future. "- Sun Li, a senior car modification engineer, can be said to be the first person in China to modify. In the 1980s, when the automotive industry was just starting, he entered the automotive industry, Subsequently, I opened my own modification shop. This sentence is his idea and also our dream, everyone hopes to be unique and independent. Many people want to get involved in modification, but they don't know where to start first. So let's start with the simplest thing - changing the wheel hub. You can tell a person's taste by looking at their shoes, and the "shoes" of the car are the wheels. Is the original factory wheel hub not good? Why do so many people spend thousands or even tens of thousands to modify wheel hubs? Yes, why did you change the wheel hub? Firstly, of course, it's for the sake of being handsome! Some people paint and change the color of the wheel hub, while others replace the wheel hub cover with low-end car iron wheels to enhance their appearance at the lowest cost. Of course, these people are not considered modifications in our eyes, at most they are considered decoration. Changing the wheel hub is mostly a big change, it looks better when it's bigger than the original factory, just like men like big breasts, and women like big ones... cough, so it's a natural thing to install large wheel hubs. As the wheels become larger, the tires naturally become wider and thinner. Sports cars are a combination of large wheels and flat tires, so making others think you are a performance car at first glance can play a good role in bluffing. Secondly, not only bluffing, but also improving performance, why? As the tires widen, the area of contact with the ground becomes larger, the grip ability is stronger, and the braking effect is also better. When the tire is turning, one side is subjected to force, and the center of gravity shift can cause the tire to compress and deform, causing the vehicle to roll. The thinner the tire, the less deformation it will have, so it has better support. Moreover, the strength and hardness of legitimate modified wheels are higher than those of the original factory. Therefore, larger wheels and wider tires are helpful for driving safety and handling performance. Generally, the weight of modified wheels is lighter than that of original factory wheels. Some people think that a few kilograms lighter is just a drop in the bucket for a car weighing over 1 ton, and it will have almost no impact. For example, a 10 pound sandbag on your back may not feel heavy, but if tied to your legs, the difference will be very obvious. This concept is the unsprung mass, which is influenced by many components, such as pull rods, control arms, brakes, etc. The wheel hub and tire are among the important ones. There is a saying that every kilogram lighter under the spring is equivalent to ten kilograms lighter on the vehicle. If the four wheels can reduce a total of 10 pounds, it is equivalent to losing the weight of a beautiful woman on the car. So when running, the vehicle will be lighter and the fuel consumption will correspondingly decrease. After talking about so many benefits, they are actually secondary, and the most important benefit is to make others think you are very rich!!! Since there are so many benefits, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and switch hands! Many car enthusiasts want to change the wheels but feel that genuine wheels are too expensive. Therefore, they will go online to see some cheap counterfeit wheels, but imitations are definitely not as good as genuine wheels in terms of workmanship and materials. The details are rough, fading and paint peeling are small matters, and if the wheel hub deforms or even breaks, it will cause a big deal. And if there is a problem with the counterfeit wheels purchased online, where do you go to find after-sales service? Although the wheels are cheaper, have you considered the consequences of being cheaper, which may result in more expenses. Cheap goods are not good, good goods are not cheap. This statement is absolutely true. I hope car enthusiasts do not try to be cheap for a while and cause greater losses in the future.


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