Repair methods for automotive wheel hubs

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May 24,2023

Check the condition of the wheel rims. Repair scope: Aluminum alloy wheels and rims made of original coating materials are suitable for various sizes, shapes, and wheels. Step 2: Disassemble the tire.

Repair methods for automotive wheel hubs

Step 1: Check the condition of the wheel rims. Repair scope: Aluminum alloy wheels and rims made of original coating materials are suitable for various sizes, shapes, and wheels. Step 2: Disassemble the tire. 1. Remove the tire first. 2. Release the tire pressure. 3 Squeeze the tire into a flat state and directly use the tire puller to remove the wheel rim (this can prevent water from penetrating the tire during construction) Step 3: Check the damage to the wheel rim Preparation: Prepare for color matching based on the original color of the wheel rim (1) The wheel rim has no gaps, but only scratches, yellowing, or cracks on the surface. 1. Select different types of sandpaper for polishing according to different degrees of damage. 2 Fill the scratched area with wheel repair ash for repair. 3. Dry with special equipment. 4. Grind with 180 # -320 # sandpaper one by one. 5. Grind the entire surface of the steel ring with 600 # and 800 # sandpaper to a matte finish. 6. Spray the special primer for the wheel hub on the scratch filling area. 7. Dry with equipment at 100-120 degrees for 60 minutes. 8. Grind again to a matte finish
(2) If there is a gap in the wheel rim, the special material for the wheel hub gap should be used. Procedure 1. First, polish the damaged area clean. 2. Take out the material and use the appropriate amount of material according to the size of the damaged area. (Note: Before repairing, the size of the gap damage should be checked first. If it exceeds 3 centimeters in width and depth, it is not recommended to repair it. If the degree of gap loss is shallow, a steel saw should be used to slightly deepen it, so that the repaired gap will be firm.) 3 Pinch the cut material soft and evenly with your fingers. If any small hard objects are found, they can be removed, which will improve the repair effect. 4. Press the pinched material tightly onto the damaged wheel gap and fill it according to the model of the wheel hub. 5. Heat and dry with specialized equipment. If a shortwave infrared baking lamp is used for baking, the effect will be better. 6. Allow the material to fully cure (time: dry at a temperature of 25 ℃ or above for 20 minutes), Grind the wheel hub with No. 180-320 sandpaper until it is basically in its original state, then spray it with a special fast drying 2K car primer before polishing, and then repair it with wheel rim repair ash; After it solidifies, continue polishing until the surface appears smooth, then spray silver powder paint to dry, and finally spray special materials for wheel hub repair. (Note: Each step of the above primer must be completely dried to avoid serious impact on the surface hardness after spraying the material.) Step 4: Edge sealing 1. Cover the wheel rim with a universal masking film. 2. Wipe the surface of the wheel rim with a degreaser. 3. Use equipment to dry. 4. Use a dust removal cloth to remove surface dust
Step 5: Spray primer and color paint. 1. Spray the primer evenly on the entire or damaged area. After drying, continue to search for any sand holes. All sand holes must be filled with repair ash (note: avoid using "eye red ash"). 2. Spray the prepared color paint evenly on the wheel rim. Step 6: Spray special repair materials. Prepare special wheel hub repair materials. 2. Pour the prepared materials into the special repair gun. 3 Adjust the spray gun for atomization. 4. Spray evenly on the surface of the wheel rim in one go, usually two coats. 5. Place it in the oven and control the temperature at 100 degrees Celsius for 60 minutes. Step 7: Check the wheel rim. 1. Check if there are a small amount of dust particles on the surface of the wheel rim. 2. If there are any, use 2000 # water sanding paper to slightly polish. 3. Use a high-speed polishing machine to pour a small amount of microcrystalline polishing glaze for polishing. 4. Wipe the wheel rim with a clean towel, Check if the wheels are shiny Step 8: Installing and installing small tire wheels is crucial for our safety. Emphasizing the maintenance of wheels and mastering the repair methods for car wheels is a mandatory course for car owners.


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